Lindsey & I had a small but fun Thanksgiving this year at my house. We actually made a chicken but told the kids it was Turkey:) We ate too much, played Phase 10 & enjoyed a quiet, comfortable Thanksgiving at home. The holidays again serve as a reminder that we have much for which to be Thankful!







Key West…Mystery Solved!

Since I began traveling to Key West each August for lobster season, one of many annual “traditions” was discussing what the giant, looming concrete structure was that could be seen on Stock Island when boating through Cow Key channel. It had been there, in seemingly the strangest location, each year since I began lobstering over a decade earlier. It had very obviously been there for much longer than that! Each year our group would guess what they thought the massive framework could be…I've heard everything from from a “retaining wall” to a “top secret military installation”! We even went so far as asking locals for an answer so we could settle some long standing bets. Well I finally decided to do a google search, and voila! I found the answer!

It was the remains of the single screen of The Islander Drive In Move Theatre. Some research showed that the theatre opened with fanfare in 1953, and though the theatre held just under 650 cars, it was, at the time, the largest screen in the US. It remained in operation until around 1984 at which time it was abandoned and fell into spectacular ruin. It has since been demolished, but I know I will never forget all the years of fun the mammoth skeleton movie screen provided! Below are some pictures showing the drive in both while in operation and after its abandonment…

Before...a drive-in surrounded by water!? Only in the Keys!




4th of July

Since we didn’t make any big plans for the 4th of July, we decided to take a drive over to Sky King in Cocoa Beach to get some badass fireworks. It was a zoo! There was a line to get in and multiple police officers on duty for crowd control. After watching customers carefully choose their fireworks and then throw elbows to get them, it slowly came to me that 4th of July is Redneck Christmas. It was super fun lighting them off though! I don’t think a few of my neighbors will speak to me again, but that’s ok. Their dog craps in my yard all the time anyway. Emmett was allowed to light them this year -he thought that was awesome! Elle took the video, and Midge covered her ears and cried most of the time:)